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New FCGMA Photo Requirement!

 Flowmeter photographs are now required to be included with Semi-Annual Groundwater Extraction Statements. Notifications have yet to be sent to Agricultural operators with information about how to take and submit photos of flowmeters. Information will also be included with the statements. The photos should be taken when reading the flowmeter totalizer at the end of the statement period (July 31 and December 31 for Agriculture). If you have questions about the new photo requirements, please contact Kathy Jones at 805.645.1372 or kathy.jones@ventura.org 


Groundwater Sustainability Plans

The Draft GSPs will be presented to the FCGMA Board at the July 24, 2019 meeting and the Board is expected to open a 60-day public comment period. FCGMA and Dudek will conduct evening GSP workshops for stakeholders during the public comment period. Workshop dates are to be determined. Public comments will be addressed in the final GSPs, which are planned to be completed in time for the FCGMA Board to consider adoption of the GSPs at the December 13, 2019, meeting. Stakeholders are encouraged to submit questions and comments related to the GSPs at any time via email to fcgma-gsp@ventura.org.  Speak up and make your voice heard!