To deliver locally-sourced groundwater to our agricultural stockholders in a sustainable and cost effective manner.


Zone Mutual Water Company emerged from the desire of the Las Posas Water Company  shareholders (now Ventura County Waterworks District No. 19) to develop an agricultural water delivery system. In 1919, test wells were drilled and the results justified the considerable expense of developing such a system. Two mutual water companies were established in 1922 for the purpose of distributing water to owners of land in two different zones. Zone No. 1 to serve 2,800 acres of land, and Zone No. 2 to 1,200 acres of land at a higher elevation. Both companies merged in 1947 to form the present-day water company

Service Area


Zone's service area encompasses 6,800 acres in the Somis community between Center School Road & Balcom Canyon Road. Zone delivers approximately 5,000 acre-feet of water annually to its agricultural customers. All of Zone’s water is supplied from our groundwater wells. Our distribution system consists of 25 miles of water lines, three booster stations, 10 groundwater wells, and one reservoir with a storage capacity of one-million gallons. Zone water is used exclusively for agricultural irrigation and not intended for domestic use. For domestic water service contact Ventura County Waterworks District No. 19. 


Alma Quezada, P.G.

General Manager


Larry Frates

Operations Superintendent


Jesus Oliva

Water Distribution Operator



Zone Mutual Water Company

6648 Los Angeles Ave, Somis, California 93066 (Please mail correspondence to P.O. Box 239, Somis, CA 93066)