A Zone shareholder has 42 shares available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing these shares please email the buyer directly by filling out the form below. You can also contact Zone to obtain buyer contact info.


Zone Rules & Regulations

Zone Mutual Water Company does not determine a price or act as a broker in the sale of water stock. Stock transfer fees are to be paid by the new owner. Zone Mutual Water Company delivers water to its shareholders, and only services properties that have been scheduled by the Company. Ownership of stock does not confer any entitlement to demand water delivery. To receive water, the stock must be assigned to a scheduled property within the boundaries of the Rancho Las Posas that is deemed susceptible to irrigation by the Zone Mutual Water Company by resolution of the Board of Directors. All shareholders are responsible for all assessments and service fees billed by the Company whether or not the shareholder takes delivery of water from the Company. Please contact Alma at 805-386-4061 or at alma@zonemutual.com to inquire about water stock, transfer fees, company rules, or water delivery.